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Whether you’re a large company or a smaller company who needs additional systems design capabilities to bid on those big contracts, Falkenberg Technologies has the expertise you need. With experience in telecommunications, automotive, and micro-display industries, we can meet tight deadlines with systems designed to your most demanding specifications.  We’re your “missing piece.”

Check out some of our projects:

Health : Bio-Tuning System

The Challenge: Develop and integrate a audio system software which replaces an entire tone-studio.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson from the Center of Neuroacoustic Research in Carlsbad was desperately looking for a software company, which was up to the challenge to replace an entire sound studio by one application running on a laptop. The project included deep understanding and knowledge of the human hearing system, sound generation, music theory and of course algorithmic design of optimized audio filters, database access functions and socket programming to link other software modules. Dr. Jeffrey worked with 5 (!) other consulting companies and spent 180000.- US$ and got nothing out of it before he finally contacted Falkenberg Technologies. All the other companies did not understand the challenge involved and did not bring the algorithmic knowledge necessary to implement the very specific adaptable audio filter banks in software, yet still charged him by the hour. Please contact Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and ask him about our achievements.

He is also featured in the heal documentary 


Financial Planner Software

The Challenge: Develop and integrate a financial planner and life planner software product. The project was performed using JAVA and JAVAFX and integrated third party libraries delivered as .jar files. Configurations and user data was stored in XML format for the demonstrator.

graph1Double DLOM Analytics Engine

The Challenge: Develop an analytics engine to be incorporated into the website of Vianello Forensic Consulting LLC.

From the Client: “Dr. Falkenberg worked based on a patented mathematical model which required specialized advanced mathematical and statistical know-how and understanding. He performed the implementation of the analytics engine, including graphical presentations of the mathematical results and provided valuable support in developing and refining the mathematical models.  He extended the limitations of the algorithm by reformulating and optimizing the formulas for different number ranges.  He also expanded the usefulness of the initial model by modifying it for alternative mathematical formulas.  He was highly responsive to our needs and reliably resolved problems or questions as they arose.” – Marc Vianello, CPA, ABV, CFF

Automotive Sound Systems

The Challenge: Build a digital signal processing software for a newly created digital audio power amplifier, a Bang&Olufsen sound system for the Audi R8 vehicle. Oversee software architecture, implementing algorithms in C and Assembler software, beta testing entire system and optimizing application to meet customer requirements. Architected two software versions – one a CAN-Bus Standard for automobiles and the second features new fiber-channel based MOST Bus Standards for automobiles.

The Result: Voted best sound system by a jury of 69 automotive journalists at the Auto Interiors Show in Detroit 2006.

Healthcare – Matlab Compiler

The Challenge: Lead software development team in India charged with building a new compiler technology. Key activities included software architecture, integrating software classes, prototyping algorithms, technology road mapping, technology research, compiler project management, and supervising software developers.

Built compiler from scratch, helping company be recognized as the only one on the globe that offers a direct compiler for Matlab to DSP. Compiler rapidly gained national and international recognition in the medical and hearing aid industries. Product has been presented at numerous healthcare conferences.

Established a cutting edge software development environment needed to create a new DSP for hearing aids. Created compiler that enabled company to gain a distinct advantage in the hearing aid industry; product is one of the first in the industry. Created several new approaches to transform the compiler to numerous DSP platforms.

“I am quite fortunate to have worked with Dr. Andreas in my very first company. He was a great mentor and undoubtedly he brought the best out of our team. Developing a Matlab compiler in a short span of time would not have been possible without his leadership and knowledge. I am very much impressed with his interpersonal skills and would love to work with him again.” – Dhanunjaya, Software Engineer, Nulife Semiconductors

“Andreas and his team delivered a Matlab compiler for Nulife’s SIMD digital signal processor so that our customers could perform rapid prototyping of algorithms. I found him to be a creative manager with a broad base of knowledge in computer science.” Jitendra, Co-Founder, Director of Systems Architecture, Nulife Technology Corporation

Semiconductors – Processor Generator System

The Challenge: Create a new compiler and hardware generator–from product concept to software architecture to delivery. Key activities included electronic design automation software development, electronic system level software development, compiler architecture building, and software implementation and testing. The project required multiple technology tools such as C, C++, Assembler, VHDL, and many others. Project also included Java Parser development, high level synthesis optimization, VHDL code generation, DSP processor development, ModelSim implementation, testing and verification.

“Andreas Falkenberg is an exceptional scientist with strong foundations in mathematics, computer hardware, and software architecture. He is well established in the peer-reviewed literature which illustrates his ability to isolate research both relevant to and advancing contemporary methods in computer science. I am honored to have met him and look forward to our future collaborations.” – Ian


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