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Chip and chip maskDraw on our extensive experience in multiple industries to meet the unique needs of both you and your clients. Here are some of our past projects:

Telecommunications – Broadband Processor

The Challenge: Develop a system including simulation and development of new hardware architecture related to specific components of a UMTS/WCDMA mobile telephone baseband platform. Several concepts earned patents.

The architecture included several modules, such as RAKE-Receiver, channel estimator, filters, viterbi coder and decoder, automatic gain control, automatic frequency control, code generators, scrambler/spreader, modulator/demodulator, tracking units, and synchronization units.

Hired and managed ASIC Designers and concentrated on creating a verification and test methodology for a new wireless W-CDMA (UMTS) ASIC design, and guided team that implemented test cases and methodology.

FPGA MIMO Platform

The Challenge: Develop a new embedded system prototype for a Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output telecommunication system adhering to W-CDMA (UMTS) and WLAN standards, creating test case scenarios, testing the prototype, and briefing company leaders on the project and progress. Implemented patented ideas for product demonstration purposes.

ASIC/FPGA Evaluation

The Challenge: Evaluation of new advanced ASIC architectures for Ellipsis Digital Systems. Integration of embedded VxWorks Operating System on XILINX Power PC testplatform. Comparison of real-time capabilities of VxWorks with OSE and other embedded operating systems. Implementation of several Benchmarks using C/C++.

“Andreas is has a very broad experience in hardware and software development for telecommunication systems as well as EDA Software. He contributed right away to new projects due to his ability to adapt very fast to a new environment and his capability to learn new technologies and tools very quickly. He is able to apply his deep knowledge instantaneously to new areas.” -Murat Karsi, Current President, Tosia Communications Inc.

“Andreas was a very diligent and hard-working colleague who could come up with some brilliant ideas. He made immediate impact from the moment he started and worked in great harmony with his peers and superiors.” – Erhan Ercan, Former Product Marketing Manager, Ellipsis Digital Systems, Inc.

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